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Job Description

  • Perform various marine analyses for MODU units operating worldwide, in accordance with applicable class and authority rules and regulations, herein mooring analyses, riser analyses and stability analyses
  • Perform various marine analyses related to design and operation of floating wind units, FPSOs, FSO and other offshore floaters, such as hydrodynamic analyses, mooring analyses, stability analysis, seakeeping analysis, DP analysis, air gap assessment, operability assessment, coupled analyses etc.
  • Communication with rig organization/client, operational personnel, project managers
  • Participate in study and project execution for Odfjell Technology’s clients
  • Contribute in CTR-activities/bid
  • Technical input to tender
  • Contribute in developing the Odfjell Technology Marine discipline; work methods and analysis software

Qualification Requirements

  • Higher technical education (MSc, BSc or equivalent) within the fields of Marine Engineering/Naval Architecture. Relevant experience may compensate for lack of formal education.
  • Proven track record related to marine analysis and design
  • Good theoretical understanding of hydrodynamics and marine structures
  • Highly proefficient in marine analyses tools and software
  • Good theoretical understand of hydrodynamics and marine structures
  • Experienced within riser analysis
  • Running drilling riser analysis and review/evaluation of analysis
  • Experience/knowledge within subject of well head fatigue
  • Experienced with mooring- and marine analysis, design and operations
  • Good knowledge of marine/utility systems and equipment 
  • Familiar with relevant laws, regulations and standards according above mentioned topics
  • Proficient in software such as OrcaFlex, Mimosa, Sesam, etc.
  • Proficient in programming language Phyton

Duration: Asap - 31.12.2023

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Riser Analyse Resource


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Tor-Geir Birkelund

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