We are looking for a LCI Coordinator!

Job Description

  • LCI Coordinator shall deliver and manage LCI according to governmental and internal and external customer requirements, needs and expectations at a future-proof technology level in a win-win way for all stakeholders.
  • The LCI Coordinator shall have the authority to define stakeholders, clients and suppliers for LCI, gather input from stakeholders and suppliers and draw conclusions on their behalf.
  • The LCI Coordinator shall have the authority to contact whomever in the project organisation to clarify LCI questions if this is within the project budget and timeframe.
  • The LCI Coordinator shall have the authority to tune in for clarifications and deviations from LCI requirements to the Project Manager and the person in the AIP LCI Coordinator role when the consequences
    are outside the project budget and timeframe.
  • Define and ensure the quality of all LCI documentation, LCI processes, LCI data systems, LCI requirements and LCI organisation within the project according to overall AIP LCI requirements. This includes ensuring that clients LCI requirements
    are fulfilled
  • The LCI Coordinator shall have tight contact with - and follow guidance and requirements from - the person with the AIP LCI manager role.
  • Organise all dedicated LCI personnel in the project.
  • Make visible and put focus on LCI requirements for project members
  • Ensure that sufficient quality assurance and quality control are in place for all LCI activities
  • Periodically keep LCI status meetings to follow up on questions that arise and see to that LCI requirements, LCI processes, and LCI data systems are understood and used/ performed according to AIP requirements and intentions.
  • Follow-up LCI based on risks concerning lack of LCI.
  • Follow up and report LCI status in the project.
  • Monitor maintenance of quality on technical information.
  • Establish and administer technical requirements to information in contracts and attend to process for evaluation of contracts.
  • Ensure that all activities are managed by the client's procedures, guidelines and requirements
  • Prepare LCI strategy, -procedures and –plans for the project.
  • Ensure sufficient preparation and organisation for the project's data-tools for the handling of technical documentation and register info.
  • See to it that AIP LCI requirements and project LCI requirements are used correctly and are communicated sufficiently by contractors and contractor's sub-contractors and
    equipment suppliers.
  • Lead LCI verification meetings for procurement packages.
  • Follow up with suppliers to ensure LCI (drawings, documents, databases,3D models, etc.) are established in accordance with requirements.
  • Ensure that all LCIs are in place before each purchase order is closed.
  • Ensure that all LCIs are in place according to LCI delivery milestones.
  • Liaison with Digitalization Engineer, Project Information Management and Operations Information Management to ensure that necessary integrations are in place and facilitate the population of data in Alma.
  • It will be travelling to Dubai.

Qualification Requirements

  • Minimum engineer degree within one or several engineering disciplines that will be used in the project.
  • Minimum five years of experience within the LCI discipline in the oil and gas industry
  • Strong interpersonal skills applied to a multi-disciplined project team
  • English – fluent written and verbal skills
  • Recent relevant experience
  • Good verbal and written communication skills, including report writing and presentations.

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LCI coordinator


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Silje Haglund