Accountant Accounts Receivable - Summer Intern

Job Description

  • Responsible for approaching customers for delinquency and following up the collection of overdue accounts.
  • Affirms liabilities for breach of contract to those who have breached the contract or potentially have bad debts.
  • Handles freezing of account and other protective action.
  • Provides relevant documents to customers and legal departments where necessary.
  • Works under moderate supervision.
  • Problems are typically of a routine nature, but may at times require interpretation or deviation from standard procedures.
  • Communicates information that requires some explanation or interpretation.
  • Credit & Collections work is focused on administering, designing, and ensuring compliance with credit and collections processes including:
    • Credit
    • Researching credit history (e.g., collect personal/business data for analysis, run credit reports, etc.)
    • Applying acceptable credit lines and payment terms to new customer and/or supplier accounts Collections
    • Collection and maintenance of customer accounts (e.g., track account status, report on outstanding balances, prioritize collection activity)
    • Follow up overdue accounts (e.g., initiate demand letters, outbound phone calls to delinquent accounts, external debt collection, etc.)
Duration: 01.06.2023 - 10.08.2023

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Accountant Accounts Receivable - Summer Intern


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Workplace: Kristiansand
Accession: 01.06.2023
Salary: Etter avtale
Application deadline: Snarest!
Title: Accountant Accounts Receivable - Summer Intern
Sector: Private
Scope: Project
Number of positions: 1

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