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Recruitment for permanent positions

No two people are alike

Technology can be copied and is being copied. Many have similar services to offer. People, on the other hand, are never the same, and these differences constitute a unique competitive advantage. Therefore, the way you recruit is one of the most crucial factors for your business' success. We take this seriously, and we recommend that you do the same.

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How do we get the right one?

Today's labor market is constantly in motion. Things are moving fast, and it requires focus and resources to keep up with recruitment trends, new advertising platforms and the latest news in good methodology for recruitment and selection.

Analysis and screening

What are we looking for? Experience, qualities, abilities and skills - relevant competence that match your needs.


When we have a sufficient number of candidates, we use solid methodology to ensure that both the candidates and the client have a good foundation for making the right choice.

Attraction and search

Will the right candidate apply, or do we have to find the person ourselves? With the help of a good media package or direct search, we ensure a good, motivated candidate selection for your needs.



All our clients and candidates are followed up both at the start and in the first phase of the employment relationship.


We do this, every day.

Our skilled recruitment consultants work for the largest oil and gas operators and in the renewable industry, in addition to a number of their associated service companies. We have access to several exciting assignments and jobs, and cover both onshore and offshore projects. We assist our customers with expertise throughout the project life cycle and our project staff covers a wide range of roles, including technical, administrative and leadership roles.

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Delivering expertise

Do you want to know more about MDE and recruiting?

In MDE, we take pride in always being in front, and our knowledge and experience should of course be the benefit of all our customers. 

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