Where you need additional resources to deliver on projects outside your region, MDE can assist in introducing vetted subcontractors to expand your delivery capability. MDE have a network of subcontractors it works with and can manage a procurement process on your behalf to source tenders and quotes from subcontractors in line with your project requirements. With comprehensive industry knowledge and a vast network, our consultants leverage our existing network and apply a tailored process to uncover subcontractors across the globe; a cost-efficient way to scale your project pipeline and deliver scopes outside your day-to-day operations, available to help you as and when you need it.

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Additional resources as and when you need it

MDE are always identifying and engaging additional resources, whilst maintaining our existing network so we have the right subcontractors available within your required timeframe or at short notice.

Account Management

We will source interested subcontractors through our existing network as well as continuously source new partners and setup introduction meetings where required with the client to ensure they are the right quality and able to deliver upon the scope of work.

Vetting & Compliance

MDE have a robust vetting and compliance process to ensure all subcontractors can deliver upon projects and complete the scope of work in place. This includes insurance, company incorporation, financial information, and references / case studies.


Your Account Manager will obtain tenders and quotes from interested subcontractors on your behalf. They will match those that meet your specific requirements and present them to you for your approval.


Project Delivery

When you are matched with a subcontractor, your Account Manager will setup a statement of work to outline the scope and manage the process of communication to ensure timeframes are adhered to and maintain a feedback loop to deliver upon your requirements.

Delivering expertise globally

Why work with MDE?

All our Subcontractors are vetted prior to quote and tender submission.
We manage the process of sourcing and maintaining a network of Subcontractors on your behalf to ensure you have the additional resources to increase your delivery capability.

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