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Job Description

  • The Project Control Coordinator (PCC) has primary responsibility for providing accurate and reliable reports that depict the project’s status, activities, accomplishments, and challenges. Under the supervision of the Project Control Manager, the PCC is responsible for collecting and examining data from weekly field reports and compiling it into a series of reports for distribution to the Rosebank stakeholders. The PCC will also assist in creating and maintaining a series of fact sheets, slide presentations, highlights, other media library and success stories that showcase Rosebank Project accomplishments.
  • Collects, organizes, and compiles data into a series of reports that are distributed on a timely basis to Rosebank Project Stakeholders.
  • Monitors project reporting tracking sheets for accuracy and consistency of data.
  • Assists in collecting submissions for the Periodic, Monthly and Annual Reports.
  • Builds a strong relationship and works closely with the Project Management Team, Contractor and Sub-contractors to ensure validity and timely collection of data.
  • Assists in the creating and updating of presentations and materials as required to show project status and progress.
  • Utilizes IT applications to extract and present relevant data elements, including MS Word, Excel, PIMs, Power BI and PowerPoint.
  • Maintains all supporting reports and documentation within PIMs document system.
  • Establishes common reporting formats and process to streamline periodic and monthly reporting.

Qualification Requirements

  • Degree in communications preferred
  • Mastery of spoken and written English and French; ability to edit text into concise language appropriate for reports and presentations.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to deliver reports according to requirements and strict deadlines.
  • Strong skills in graphical presentation of data with specific knowledge of and experience with databases; computer skills (Word, Power BI, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, etc.).

Work Location: Trondheim, Oslo, Aberdeen, Dubai


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Project Control Coordinator


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Workplace: Trondheim/ Oslo/ Aberdeen/ Dubai
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Title: Project Control Coordinator
Sector: Private
Scope: Project
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