We are looking for a Completion Engineer

Job Description

  • Assist the CPR (Completion Preparation Responsible) in front end of completion preparations
  • Provides support during execution of such activities
  • Assures compliance with our client standards, HSE standards and local legislation
  • Completion / Scoping of commission ( CPCL level ) in different systems related to Jotun A Life Extension project through onshore and later offshore commissioning phase
  • Execute completion / scoping activities in accordance with established procedures and plan, and in accordance with our clients's and contractors’ requirements for Safe Execution of Work
  • Completion / Scoping activities are done in PIMS CMS
  • Necessary preparation of SWCR and commissioning queries will be done in PIMS
  • Act in accordance with our client core values and HSE program
  • Preparing and ensure that the Mechanical Completion, Preservation, Commissioning and handover to Company Operation are properly setup and executed, in compliance with project requirements and guidelines
  • Populating in PIMS CMS, Mechanical Completion ( MCCR ) and Commission ( CPCL ) Check Record and Preservation Records
  • Ensure/Establish a Commissioning network in the Project Completion System (PIMS CMS) as basis for planning of engineering, construction and completion activities. Maintain PIMS until project close out
  • Identify completion activities and milestones for Jotun FPSO modification as input for the integrated schedule
  • Monitoring and report Mechanical Completion and Preservation scope in PIMS CMS to reflect actual design consecutively
  • Actively cooperate with the project team during the design and execute phase to ensure a design where Completion/Commissioning requirement is included
  • Assist Construction and Commissioning in executing MC, Preservation, Commissioning and handover between all parties
  • Prepare presentations and reporting of status from PIMS CMS for Completion/Commissioning where required
  • Contribute to the Management of Change process and to project risk workshop. Identify and follow up relevant risks and mitigating actions
  • Act as a driving force for development of Company`s Project Completion System (PIMS CMS) and Company`s management system and associated technical requirements
  • Assist Commission in verifying MC and Preservation status before handover
  • Assist Contractor and/or Construction in Processing of MC documentation before Ready For Commissioning Certificates and preparing the Ready For Operation Certificate

Qualification Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or Cand. Mag in Engineering
  • Relevant experience can compensate for formal education
  • Experience: 6-9 år

Duration: 20.03.2023 - 31.03.2024

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Completion Engineer


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