Cybersecurity (Automation and network consultant)

Providing technical expertise in Cybersecurity technology, network engineering and management to achieve the overall requirement of implementing the cybersecurity solution for the project. Assist in setting guidelines in implementation of cybersecurity within the company, vendors, subvendors, contractors and the client themselves. Implement and enforce cybersecurity in place fo the project. All activities where the cybersecurity and network engineering are involved within the project.

This is Cybersecurity in OT (Operation Technology) which needs IT / Networking knowledge and some Automation knowledge along with knowledge on safety systems.

In total this will be a blend of experience with control systems that also has Operational Technology knowledge for Networks and security. That is why I suggest that our discipline will provide Automation and safety system expertise knowledge required for this activity and we need to find a resource who can support us with above mentioned IT knowledge.

Job Description

  • Working closely with the company team to achieve the set cybersecurity implementation goals for the project
  • Generating documentation that will be used to implement and maintain cyber security
  • OT and SAS, as well as network engineering, part of instrument and Automation/ CSNE discipline working on the project
  • Good knowledge of SAS (Safety and Automation System) in general and OT (Operation Technology)
  • Implementation of IEC62443, industrial control systems and industrial protocols like profinet, Modbus, goose, IEC61850 etc. as an example.
  • Minimum working level knowledge of SAS
  • Additionally, familiarity with risk reviews, Security levels, security zones, air-gapped systems etc.
  • Full time resource

100% from now until til 01.10.2023
50% from 02.10.2023 to 15.06.2024 

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Cybersecurity (Automation and network consultant)


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Title: Cybersecurity (Automation and network consultant)
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