Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and cookies

Personal information is data or a set of information that can be used to identify an individual directly or indirectly. Data like this can be a name, address, phone number, email, IP address, or it can be a combination of these that makes it possible to pick out who is behind these data. On this website, all your data will be anonymous. The cookies we use are mainly for traffic purposes and optimization of the content you see. This information is non-traceable and cannot be connected to you as a person.

All use of personal information is considered processing of personal data, such as collection, registration, compilation, storage, and disclosure, or a combination of these. The processing of personal data is being regulated by the Personal Data Act.

MDE is in charge of the personal data processed with the use of our services and products, the data we collect, and process are for the purpose set out below. With MDE being in charge of personal data, means that MDE has responsibilities and obligations under the Personal Data Act.

In the case that MDE chose a different company to have the responsibilities to process personal information, meaning the data about you, then that company will be the data processor. If we ever use a data processor, we will make a deal that regulates how the data processor can process the data that becomes available. The standard for a deal like this is that the data processor only can process the data on MDEs behalf and only for clear purposes, like the Personal Data Act demands.


Cookies – how does it work?

“Cookies” is a standard technology that most websites use. A cookie is a small software file stored temporarily or placed on your browser’s internal memory. This makes it possible for us to see how you navigate on the website, what you click on, and how the content of the website performs. We also collect information about how you navigate, the time you spend here, and what kind of browser you use. This is to make sure we can adapt the content on our website for a better user experience. Most browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) automatically accept cookies, but you can always choose to edit these settings and to decline the use of cookies. We would like to point out that this will cause many websites to not work optimally.


What kind of cookies do we use?

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to study traffic, user patterns, and trends on our website. The data that is collected here, is being used to optimize the user experience and to adapt the content on our site. According to Google’s guidelines for using Google Analytics, personal information about you will not be collected. The data collected is stored on Google’s servers.

Google Ads

Using Google Ads cookies, we measure whether those who click on our ads perform the desired actions. Remarketing is also enabled; this allows us to show certain ads in Google Display Network based on the behavior of the visitor.


Our website is made in HubSpot, so if you use our website and leave your email and other information on the site, we will be able to adapt our communication and website to you across sessions, both through automation and manual follow-up. We will not send you emails unless we have the foundation for it, like if you have given us consent by filling out a form.

Social Media

Cookies from social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat help the remarketing to reach visitors with ads based on the behavior of the visitor (e.g. if they visited a certain sub-page). We also gain insight into demographic data from our website visitors by the relevant social media and statistics over the usage of the site across sessions and login units. With the social media cookies, we are also able to measure ad-results. In the case that we collect contact information through forms on Facebook, have those who filled out the form agreed to the terms and conditions of this privacy statement completely voluntarily.


Overview of cookies:







Used to show the popup for the privacy policy

7 days



Used by the privacy policy popup to remember not to ask for consent again.

13 months



Keeps track of visitors. Used to decide if session number and time of visit must be updated. Contains domain, pages visited, and start time.

Deleted after 30 min



When HubSpot changes the cookie for the session, this cookie will also be deleted. It is set to 1 and is used to evaluate whether the user has reset their browser.

Deleted after session 



The main cookie is to track visitors. This contains information about the domain, first visit, current visit, and session number (for each session).

Deleted after 2 years 



Used by HubSpot’s CHD supplier for ranking.

Deleted after session



Used to identify individual users behind a shared IP address.

Deleted after 1 year 



Facebook pixel is used to measure and customize marketing.

Deleted after session



Used to measure events that are happening through the Facebook pixel.

Deleted after session


Google Analytics

Used to separate users from each other.

 Deleted after 2 years


Google Tag Manager

Used to store and track conversions.

Deleted after 1 year



Language setting to ensure LinkedIn sharing buttons work.

Deleted after 2 years



A cookie that is used to measure ad-results and gather insights about visitors.

Deleted after 6 months



Used to identify browsers to ensure the sharing buttons work.

Deleted after 1 year



Used to identify the user.

Deleted after 1 year



Used by Snapchat to see if the user has accepted the cookies.

Deleted after 1 year



Used by Snapchat to identify the user.

Deleted after 1 year



Used to circle-out unidentified users.

Deleted after 3 months


Google Analytics

Used to separate users from each other.

Deleted after 24 hours


How to delete cookies?

Most websites are normally set to accept cookies. Please note that you can delete cookies by following the instructions for deleting these in your browser. You will find information about how to do it under “help” in your browser. Bear in mind that restricting access to cookies can impact the functionality of our website.

If you want to remove cookies from your computer, you can also use these guides:

Internet Explorer: 





How do we collect information about you?

The data that we get from you is the data that is generated when you use any of our services. This could be information about what device you use (computer, mobile, tablet).

1.  Information you share with us

When you fill out a form, a part of this data will be stored with us. This information is stored in our database and is there so that we are able to respond to your contact request.

2.  Information that is collected through the use of services

When you use our services, the information about what services you use and how you use them is being registered. This makes it possible for us to improve the user experience and the service content, it helps us to prevent fraud and customize content and ads for your user- and interest pattern.

3.  Information from other sources.

We receive information from other sources, like ad networks, customers, targeting tools, and other third parties. This helps us, and them, to understand user patterns, your preferences and to improve the services we offer to become more adaptable for your needs and interests.


How do we use the data we gathered about you?

All the information we collected is to understand and improve our services and products, to ensure the best user experience possible for our websites. MDE is always working to make sure we can give you the best experience with our services at any time. To make sure we can do that, we collect data.

  • To keep the agreement with you and make sure our services work at the highest standard

MDE process personal information and other forms of data in a way to deliver the best services agreed upon with you. We use data to create a user experience that is easy for you to use, with automatic login, adaptive display to your screen, and a high-quality loading speed.

  • Statistics and understanding of market trends

We generate statistics and track market trends to prepare and further develop our websites.

  • Personalized services are customized especially for you.

We want to give you the option to get content and adjustments created especially for you. We do this with the data we collect from your user behavior, preferences, and other available information. This data can tell us about your wants and needs, and we can take away the things that you have already read from the home page, show articles we think you would like, or give you recommendations on content and services based on what you have already read or bought. We want to give you recommendations based on what other users with similar user behavior have read as well.


Information about marketing in email and text

If you have an active relationship with MDE, we will market to you by sending emails or other forms of electronic communications methods, all within the marketing law, unless you have said otherwise. If you do not have an active relationship with us, we will only send you this kind of marketing if you have given us explicit and informed consent.


Will the information be shared?

In some cases, we will share our data with a partner who uses this information to target content and/or offers through their services. Our deals limit access to the data and determine them to follow the Personal Data Act.

If there is the slightest suspicion that the law has been broken associated with the use of services, this information could be handed over to the official government on request.

We will never share, sell or convey personal data in any other way than what is written in this privacy statement.


Correcting and deleting of personal data

It is important that the data that we have gathered about you is correct and updated. If you notice a mistake with your data, we encourage you to contact us to make sure it is corrected. You can also contact us if you want to delete your data from our system.

We do not save personal information longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing and statutory obligations we have, for example, in accordance with the Accounting Act.


Our analysis and third-party tools

At MDE er use analytical tools to gather information about our services. We use Google Analytics where we measure the number of visitors, which sites that has been visited, for how long, and such.

Statistics about users and traffic are mostly used in aggregated form, which means that it does not include information that can be directly linked to you as an individual.


Privacy for children

MDE wishes to not collect or in any way process personal information of children under the age of 15.

However, if children under the age of 15 have nevertheless given us any personal information, will we delete these as soon as we are aware of the situation.


Changes in the Privacy Policy

We will periodically update the Privacy Policy for MDEs’ services to reflect any changes on the website. When we update the Privacy Policy, the new declaration will be published 14 days before the changes are implemented. We will inform you about the changes in those services that are affected.


Contact information

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, you can send us an email at