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Proactive talent acquisition


Implementation of downsizing and restructuring is demanding, but often necessary when companies go through changing markets and experience changes in their framework conditions. This can be a great burden for employees in the company, both those who have to leave the job and those who remain.

Advisors with broad experience and expertise

We can lead the restructuring of your company and assist with guidance and planning. We provide advice on settling individual working conditions and tailor career guidance for groups and individuals who are moving to a new job.

Our goal throughout the restructuring process or downsizing is to get the redundant ones further in their careers as soon as possible, in addition to contributing to self-development and skills development. When counseling, we identify competencies and goals for further careers, and ensure an efficient process for getting a new and correct job. At the same time, we facilitate and motivate and make sure that those who remain thrive, are confident in their roles and manage their competence in the best possible way.

What can MDE help you with?

  • Establish a realistic progress plan
  • Implement good career development programs
  • Ensure productivity and security in the various processes
  • Communication advice
  • Personality tests and competence profiles
  • Assistance in legal matters
  • Reduce the risk of legal disputes
  • Implement a good process for restructuring

  • Contribute to preserving the company's reputation internally and externally
  • Establish an orderly collaboration with AMU and union officials
  • Leadership support and team development
  • Assist leaders when handling difficult questions and reactions
  • Present the final agreement
  • Evaluation and follow-up afterwards
Delivering expertise

Why work with MDE?

All candidates are Qualified.
We interview all candidates before we send CV’s to clients

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