Managed Service Provider

From work order to agreement


Managed Service Provider is a service where MDE will take full responsibility and undertake all administrative obligations when hiring temporary staff and/or managing external service providers and contracts.

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Customized MSP solutions

MDE’s service will provide you with estimates presented in an objective and clear manner and allow you to complete the purchase of services and hiring of temporary staff that are critical to your core business.

MDE’s MSP solutions are suited to each local market, focusing on quality management and administration of the service.

Client, supplier as well as the consultant involved should all experience a professional and smooth process from the first work order and throughout the agreed period for the provision of the service. Our solutions cut administrative costs for the client and assures that all legal and other mandatory conditions are met as they apply to client, consultant, and supplier.


Advantages to MSP
  • Standards assured whenever you hire providers of external services
  • Single point of contact within the recruiting process
  • Provide support in buying enterprises
  • Assured compliance with Norwegian legislation, and client’s specifications applicable to temporary staff and purchasing of outside services
  • Access to better qualified candidates, reducing time for decision making
  • Singe point of contact for different suppliers
  • Establish and secure processes from first work order to execution and conclusion of assignments for external services
  • Optional rating and assessing of suppliers according to agreed KPIs and other targets
  • Streamlining the process for work orders, approving and execution of purchasing external services
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