Managed Service Provider

From call off to agreement

Managed Service Provider is a service where MDE takes responsibility and carries out all administration of hired labor and / or administration of service providers and contracts.


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Customized MSP solutions

We offer our customers an efficient and solid solution that in an objective and clear way gives the client the opportunity to obtain offers, execute and carry out hiring of services and personnel, which is necessary and critical for their core business.

MDE's MSP solutions are adapted to the current market with local roots, with a focus on management and good administration of the service.

Both customer, supplier and consultant must experience a professional and seamless process from call-off to agreement and implementation during the hiring period. Our solutions help to reduce administrative tasks for the client, and ensure that both legal and public requirements are met with regard to customers, consultants and suppliers.

Advantages of MSP
  • Quality is guaranteed when purchasing from third party vendors
  • Single point of contact on delivery from different vendors
  • Uniform management of hiring and purchasing of new contracts
  • A thorough process from call-off to agreement, implementing and completion of assignment for hired personnel
  • Compliance with Norwegian legislation and client requirements regarding hiring of personnel and purchasing of services
  • MDE can provide follow-up and measurement of third party vendors on agreed Key Performance Indicators and quality targets
  • Improved access to higher number of accurate qualified candidates and reduced time in the decision-making process
  • Streamlined process for call-off, approval and execution of services from third party vendors



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