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6 top tips on how to use social media to get a job!

Are you struggling to stand out in your job search? Social media can be a powerful tool to help you land your dream job. By using it effectively, you can increase your visibility to potential employers, establish yourself as an expert, research companies and network with industry professionals, and showcase your personality to stand out from other candidates.

These 6 top tips are certain to unlock opportunities to optimise your social media presence and increase your chances of being discovered by top employers.

1. Show that you are engaged

Show that you are engaging with other people in the industry. Employers want to see that you have a personal interest in the field, and by engaging with other industry professionals, you show that not only are you plugged in, but you are also constantly looking for cutting-edge changes that will make you even more of an expert. Hiring companies will be interested to see if you are sharing industry news, talking with other experts, and that you are excited about your industry. There are always plenty of interesting discussions going on across social media concerning every industry. Even if you're looking to get into a pretty niche industry there's probably something for you.

Display your engagement with other people in the industry. Employers want to see that you are personally invested in the sector, and by networking with other professionals in the field, you demonstrate that you are not just connected to the industry but also continuously on the lookout for innovations that will advance your level of expertise. Companies looking to hire you will be watching to see if you engage in professional conversation, share industry news, and display enthusiasm for your field. Every industry has a constant stream of engaging conversations happening on social media. Even if you want to enter a really specialised field, there probably is something for you.


2. Establish yourself as a thought leader

Another job search strategy is to engage with industry leaders and portray yourself as a subject matter expert on social media platforms. To achieve this, inject yourself into the conversation by commenting and contributing to industry-specific Facebook or LinkedIn groups. These groups can help you develop professionally and connect with individuals in the companies you’re researching. Start posting and reposting items that are relevant to your career or area of expertise. Twitter is also an ideal place to establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing articles and commenting on industry news. Ultimately, you’ll want to have a consistent tone and style throughout all your social media profiles. You should be using these platforms not only to job search but also to build your personal brand.


3. Clean up your profile

Before you begin your job hunt it is vital you clean up your current social media profiles. Ensuring your profile is up to date with relevant skills and information is crucial. Double checking that your social media platforms do not contain any skeletons is something of a high priority. A suggestion to all would be to privatise your accounts where possible.  


4. Use social media to research

Being nosey on social media is the perfect way to help you build rapport and give you an edge over people that don't bother doing their research before interviews. Remember that, just as recruiters can find out info about you on social networks, you can keep an eye on what they are up to as well. Find out which areas the company specifically works in, what projects they've been doing lately, or any other insights you can glean from their channels. The online research will work wonders in interviews. "Oh, you're interested in these topics I happened to bring up? What are the chances?"


5. Network, network, network

If there is anything you take away from this, let it be the importance of networking. Networking with professionals from your industry will help you to find suitable jobs it is as simple as that. Participating in LinkedIn groups will help you get jobs in your industry according to your experience and skills. Join different LinkedIn groups that are active by searching the directory. You can follow the companies you prefer to know about their recent job vacancies. On Facebook, you can ‘Like’ the companies you would like to join. The more you do this the better you'll become at it


6. Show your personality online

It is vital to develop yourself as an online brand. This doesn’t mean you should become so self-aware that you become devoid of all sense of humour and personality. Stay professional, but also try to show you are an interesting person with whom people would want to spend time within the office. Recruiters are looking for someone who is not only capable but also likable and well-rounded. When presenting your professional self online, focus on doing so on LinkedIn, and then you can show a bit more about your life outside of work (while keeping it clean) on other channels like Twitter and Instagram.

That's it from me, but before you leave, remember to never underestimate the power of social media in today's job market, and start using it to your advantage now!

Hugo Lepp- Renewable Design Recruitment Specialist
Hugo Lepp- Renewable Design Recruitment Specialist
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